Lyvans B
Photographer / Communication & public relations consultant
Skills: Photography - Communication - Web - Social Network - PR - Fashion design

"Lyvans B, is a self-taught photographer born on 24 March 1989 in Paris, a native of Mauritius. Always fascinated by the image and fashion, he decides to make photography his profession.

During a trip in Mauritius in 2007, Lyvans has his first photographic experience. Loving Mauritian landscape, it are his first pictures. His reflex become quickly his best friend which make him in a skin of a photographer and allows him to have the quality of his first cliché.
He joins that year the Albert de Mun sewing school in Paris, where he acquires a new approach of the arts world. Shot after shot, he has the opportunity to capture backstage, fashion shows, models, personalities while alongside the glamorous world of high fashion. His many collaborations permit him to improve his photographer skills during concert , shootings and charity events...

Lyvans gets into a personal project to improve his photography knowledges and become a skilled entrepreneur.

In 2014 Lyvans B was born. The aim is to create, innovate and support artistically.

Ambition characterizes him."

© 2018 LyvansB
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© 2018 LyvansB
Tous droits reserves / All rights reserved.